Family business

High production depth for 100% reliability

From the beech log from FSC or PEFC certified forestry operations to the final measuring stick, ADGA manufactures its measuring sticks completely "made in Germany" at the factory in Mainhardt. In our own sawmill, we produce the blanks for our measuring sticks from selected beech and hornbeam wood. The technology of our measuring sticks is based on the tried and tested principles of the multi-joint design. We have constantly developed these sophisticated modes of operation down to the last detail, as evidenced by numerous patents.

At ADGA, we know the base material beech wood inside out and use its properties to achieve the best possible functionality and high life span for our customers. The in- house mechanical engineering guarantees the best possible production techniques to manufacture measuring sticks in premium quality.

Certified quality

All ADGA rulers comply with the new MID directive which is effective in all of Europe. With CE and metrology marking as well as EC type examination certificate. The correct section sequence is checked optoelectronically.

Can't see the wood for the trees?