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The quality folding ruler has precision springs made of hardened steel. This ensures a wear-free and durable suspension. The joint always remains smooth-running and precisely lockable.

Due to the low sag of the stable sections and the low weight of the precision springs, it is ideally suited for height measurements. The rivet head (pivot) of the continuous rivets rotates on a plastic washer, thus the joint connection together with the hardened spring is designed for continuous load.

The sections have no notches on the side, therefore it is possible to draw a straight marking line. The tight fitting sections enable filigree advertising imprints on the sidefaces.

  • Measuring stick 3 m
  • 15 sections
  • Joints with internal hardened steel springs
  • Sections approx. 3.4 x 16 mm
  • 100 pieces approx. 16.8 kg gross.

Product properties

Varnished notches


Precision spring made from hardened steel


Durable spring suspension


Riveted folding rulers


Surface-treated spring fittings


360° view

Available colours
Advertising space on sideface
Advertising space on starting sectionFlexible design.
Please mind the templates!
Individual advertising print

Design template for the side face

Optional pecial features

Sideface print

We print even small texts precisely on the individual sections for you.

Angle overview

As per standard, the angle overview is located on the inside of the first section. It allows quick reading.

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