Our traditional one

The basic principle follows a technology that is more than a 100 years old. ADGA optimised the quality requirements in terms of appearance, stability and longevity so that the ADGA 214 now represents a contemporary, high-quality wooden ruler.

This quality measuring stick has joints with surface-treated spring fittings.

This scale is suitable for delicate advertising prints on the high side surfaces.

  • Measuring stick 2 m
  • 10 sections
  • Joints with surface-treated spring fittings
  • Sections approx. 3.0 x 16 mm
  • 100 pieces approx. 12.4 kg gross.

Product properties

Riveted folding rulers


Surface-treated spring fittings


360° view

Available colours
Advertising space on sideface
Advertising space on starting sectionFlexible design.
Please mind the templates!
Individual advertising print

Design template for the starting section

Design template for the side face

Optional special features

Starting section print

Subtle yet unmissable: Using your ideas, we design the initial sections with your logo or advertising message.

Sideface print

We print even small texts precisely on the individual sections for you.

Multicoloured section sequence

The multi-colour section sequence allows individual combinations of the 4 measuring stick base colours.

Angle graduation scale

Measurements from 10° to 150° are possible with the angle graduation scale.

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