Our smallest one

This is a unique wooden folding ruler in an extremely handy pocket size. Also suitable for target groups outside the construction and ancillary construction trades such as technicians, engineers, business people, private households and many more.

The patented ADGA snap-in-latch technology - metal cams snap into the milled recesses of the wood and lock the measuring stick section precisely and sturdily.

The invisible fittings and the tight sections allow filigree advertising imprints with even the smallest font sizes on the entire sideface.

  • Measuring stick 1 m
  • 10 sections
  • Joints with patented ADGA snap-in-latch technology
  • Sections approx. 2.3 x 12 mm
  • 100 pieces approx. 3.1 kg gross.

Product properties

Riveted folding rulers


Straight marking line


Sawn end surfaces


Handy format




360° view

Available colours
Advertising space on sideface
Advertising space on starting sectionFlexible design.
Please mind the templates!
Individual advertising print

Design template for the side face

Optional special features

Sideface print

We print even small texts precisely on the individual sections for you.

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